Douglas A. Campbell Foundation


Dr. Douglas A. Campbell (1929-2008) was born in Canada and after living many years in New York, moved to Los Angeles. He had started his block stock trading company in New York and so opened an office in Los Angeles, the D. A. Campbell Company. Little by little he became interested in South America and was greatly involved in the boom of 1990s. His house in Holmby Hills was a mecca for people from famous stars and producers to well known figures in the investment world.

One particular feature of the company was that Douglas always invited professors and experienced hands to give classes to his staff. In this way he was very much into on-going training long before it became fashionable. He had a particular interest in education and in furthering the welfare of those around him.

After his death in 2008, the Douglas A. Campbell Foundation became fully operative. Dedicated originally to Douglas’ main passions of music, economics and the environment, the Foundation now covers all kinds of projects but has a particular interest in education and so schools.

Douglas was a very active, humorous, creative person who always had a joke and a new way of looking at things. When people talked of him, they always mentioned his escapades. Throughout his career, he had a special ability of being able to explain the Stock Market, for example, to anyone and then, when he formed his company, he always encouraged on-going study and training, even hiring lecturers to come to the office to give classes. In later years, he became very interested in children. 

It is his generosity that created the Dougas A Campbell Foundation and provides it the financial resources to carry on its charitable activities.

Therefore the philosophy of the Foundation must reflect these aspects of Douglas.

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